Camron Nico Salon & Spa



Executive Massage $45
  •    30 Minute massage focusing on neck, back and shoulders.

  • Swedish Massage $70
        This classic treatment incorporates relaxing and soothing body massage with traditional light to medium pressure to improve circulation, relieve tension and eliminate fatigue.

  • Therapeutic Massage $80 
        Focusing on the deep layers of the muscle, with use of trigger point therapy which includes the elbows and thumbs to offer an exact relief of  tension within muscle groups.

  • Reflexology Massage $80
        Therapeutic act of applying  pressure strategically to the hands and feet. Reflexology gives you remarkable results easing tension and fatigue.

  • Sports Massage $80
        Treatment for the athlete or weekend warrior. Perfect for muscle recovery pre and post events.  Great for prevention, also healing injuries to muscle and tendons.  With the use of vigorous touch, muscle release techniques, stretching and compression to achieve optimum results.

    Energy Massage $95
  •    Very stimulating massage. Using palms and forearms, to apply pressure along energy lines.

  • Hot Stone Massage $110
        Smoothed river rocks are heated to the perfect temperature to melt your stress away. The stones are used as a tool to relieve muscle pain and release tension.

Massage Enhancements:

    • Whipped Shea butter sugar scrub                  $45
    • Aromatherapy                                                $45
    • 30 Min. Hot Stone treatment for Back Only  $45
    • Salt Scrub                                                    $45
    • 30 Extra minutes to any massage                  $45
    •  Bare Your Sole                                            $35
  • Get your feet in tip top shape. Enjoy a soak in a foot bath followed by an invigorating exfoliation revealing baby soft feet. A massage with moisturizing creme will leave feet deeply hydrated. 

Wraps (price does not include massage)

  • Firm & Fabulous Body Wrap $65                 
        Revive skin with a circulation boosting exfoliation followed by a firming wrap to smooth and tone.  An energizing and uplifting massage will leave skin feeling soft, soothed and looking fabulous.
    Detoxification Body Wrap $65                        
        Awaken the body by removing toxins and impurities with a refreshing exfoliation and detoxifying wrap. A rejuvenating massage with a blend of energizing essential oils will uplift and renew.

  • Hydrating Body Wrap $75                               
        Banish the wear and tear of winter with an invigorating                  exfoliation infused with essential oils to awaken and revive. Followed by a soothing cocoon of hydrating wrap to moisturize and nourish, leaving skin silky smooth.

  • Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap $75                           
        Dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite quickly and effectively, as well as help you loose some inches, detoxify and improve the appearance and texture of skin.



Let these packages take you to another place and space! Clients may also design there own packages. Prices depending on services requested.

  • Spa Sampler  $135                                                
    Aromatherapy Scalp Massage, Swedish Massage, Facial

  • Dream Catcher $175 
    Facial, Swedish Massage, Pedicure

  • Paradise $250                                                           Swedish Massage, Pedicure, Facial, Hair Style,Make- up, Lunch
    Bridal Wedding Package-Two 

    Day Package  $350
  •    Day One:  Hydrating Body Wrap, Facial, Pedicure, Lunch
          Day Two:  Bridal Make-Up, Hair Styling 
    (prior consultation needed), Swedish Massage